Need to organize your closet?

Hate cleaning and organizing your closet and you just can’t stand the time and energy required to fix your problem?  These tips are sure to help!
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If you want to get organized, you have to start somewhere. These steps are essential to keeping your most prized garments where they belong and where you can find them fast.
Let’s start with step 1 “Seperate your folded and hanging clothes” now, this may seem like an unnecessary step after all the detergent and fabric softner, but the simple act of seperating your jeans, pajamas, shirts, skirts, etc. before you dive into putting your laundry away will help you breeze through filling your hangers and drawers once more.
On to step 2 “Use hanging storage” this step is something I learned is vital for small spaces while I spent a year in the Lawrence Hall dorms at Point Park University. When left with no more space than a linen closet, with our inner Carrie Bradshaw screaming for square-footage, hanging storage comes in to save the day. Now, you could argue that this takes up more space than gives, but I will say from personal experience, I find quite the opposite. These things are great. There are different lengths, shapes, colors and every other kind of detail that you can imagine for these units to be sold under. I have the black version of this one in my closet right now:
Step 3, the “suede hangers” this is a suggestion from someone who wears many different necklines and materials.. these things are life savers! Plastic hangers do fill 80% of my closet, but the other 20% is stocked with these. I have never had a shirt slip off one of these, including my most silky or awkward halter neckline. When I’m in a rush in the morning and need to grab a shirt out of my closet, the last thing I need is my most delicate fabrics slipping on the floor. These hangers are available virtually everywhere, including
Step 4, “Color coding” This very simple step is not meant to bring out anyone’s OCD, but really is a useful trick. Nothing is more convenient when you’re putting together an outfit than to want a certain red shirt and find the exact one you’re looking for. Beyond the aesthetically pleasing touch it adds to your closet, it can also help you decide what colors you would like to add to your closet or avoid adding to your shopping back during your next shopping spree!
The last step, number 5, is a little trick that I subconciously picked up while working retail. During my time working at the mall, I learned how the smallest details are really what capture a person’s attention. Each shirt and pant is folded to attract your eye to the unqiue details sewed in. In your own closet, folding your tops and pants to showcase these kinds of details allow you to know immediately what you’re looking at. It saves you from digging through your folded piles (which, let’s be honest.. you aren’t refolding).
If these tips help anyone, or if you have some other great fashion organizing tips, please feel free to comment!
  1. Ugh, this post has reminded me I really need to get my wardrobe into shape, pronto!

    • @sechysdiary Spring cleaning is right around the corner! Let me know if any of these tips help you out 🙂

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