DIY: studded denim


Whether you walk into a Pac Sun, Forever 21, H&M or even a local shop, you’re most likely going to see some studded clothes. A flashback from punk rock in the 70s, hair metal in the 80s, grunge in the 90s…studded denim is a trend anyone can follow. While looking for the right piece to your wardrobe, consider this: stud the clothes yourself!
Visit a local thrift store for an old best, jacket, shorts, etc. and also visit a craft store to pick up some studs (they shouldn’t be hard to find *however* the shop I visited only had studs available on strips of faux leather, the pictured vest was hand-studded with a half a yard.) Before you start studding, lay out a plan of the shapes/patterns/etc. that you want so you don’t stud everything on one side and don’t have enough for the other. The “spikes” that connect the studs to your clothes are very sharp, please be careful and use a tool to help you unbend and bend these. Studding yourself can save you a lot if cash and time searching for the *perfect* studded piece – your DIY will give you exactly what you want. Also, you will find it to be easier to change up the studs on your own than a store bought, which are sewn in place (if you don’t want to move yours, try sewing them on). Have you tried a project like this? Share your experience or hand-studded piece!


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