Review: Shea Moisture curl products

To start this post, I must first stress the frustration I have in finding decently affordable products that actually work well with my hair. Not all girls even need to use hair products, maybe a few spritz of hair spray and they’re on their way, but for girls like me… with over two and a half feet of thick curls, tools are essential in taming our manes.  In my last search for such a product, I found myself in Target, browsing the many shelves of well-known and foreign brand names. I came upon Shea Moisture, and after reading their story (printed on the label of each product), I figured I’d see if their talk was cheap – and for $9.99 / 7.2 fld oz I was hoping it wouldn’t be. Your hair is a major part of your look, and simple styling is the best way to feel great about how you (want) look: chic with little effort – from you or your wallet.


I decided to try the Curl & Style Milk and the Frizz-Free Curl Mousse. **I realized after purchasing that I picked up both “Thick, Curly Hair” and “Wavy, Curly Hair” – I have learned that I have the latter** More often than not, I will completely avoid mousse because I think the ramen noodle look isn’t all that flattering to curly hair (sorry to 12 year old me – and you if you haven’t figured that one out yet!). However, the label promised soft, moisturized, yet structured curls without being sticky.


So, like I mentioned before, each label features the story of the company, an inspiring ode to the late Sofi Tucker, who wanted to empower women in embracing a “brighter, healthier future” with her products using certified organic ingredients such as coconut oil, silk protein and Neem oil to protect, soften and control curly hair in this line.


The Mousse was in a clear liquid form before pumping into a rich foam, which I immediately smelled. The notes of coconut fill each layer of your hair and keep this scent all day. (By all day I mean 10+ hours, pretty amazing). The product works through my hair very easily, and feels like nothing is there, **this may confuse you into thinking you need to use more product, trust me – you don’t.** The Curl Milk was somewhat difficult to squeeze out of the bottle (as you can see from the bottle pictured above). It also had the sweet smell of coconut, but had a very thick consistency which was quite hard to spread through my hair, even when damp.


Needless to say, I use a fraction of the Curl Milk as I did of  the Mousse (Approximately two dime-size amounts of the Milk and 3-4 pumps of the Mousse). I started by working the Curl Milk onto the ends of my hair, which dry out the fastest and need the most TLC. I stopped using it about 3/4 of the way up to my hair (I did not want too much moisture near my roots because I wash my hair every other day and don’t need any extra oil near my scalp.)


If I have a lot of time, which I never do, I prefer to let my hair air-dry or towel-dry, to avoid heat damage. This helps me grow my hair longer and avoid damage that requires extensive care. Usually, I use a hair dryer, a generic brand with a diffuser attachment. I gather sections of my hair and individually dry them, alternating between hot and cold air (another simple measure to avoid heat damage and to keep from burning your scalp). **Also: I don’t brush my hair what-so-ever, I run a comb through it in the shower and that is it, brushing your hair, especially when it has started to dry, causes frizz and lack of definition from the start!**After using these products, my hair is soft, shiny, and not frizzy even after blowing drying it.


Overall, I don’t think I will purchase the Curl Milk again, and I would give it a total of 2/5 stars, the scent being the saving grace. It was too thick for my hair. I would recommend this for girls with coarse, thick curls especially if they’re dry. The Mousse, however, was a total win. After blow-drying my hair, it is soft, with defined curls throughout the layers. Also, it smells amazing through the next day after washing and styling. By day two, a full nights sleep does tousle my hair more than I’d like, but the frizz-free formula keeps working, which allows my typical second-day-hair-side-braid to remain in tact all day. I’d give it 4.5/5 stars, with a half a point off for price – $9.99 is a lot for this product, but it is only half way used after a month, so it is well worth fitting into your budget.

Have you used these products, or others by this company? What do you think? Leave a comment 🙂


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