The September Issue

So if you follow me on Twitter (@burghfashion), you probably noticed my live-tweeting during my first time watching “The September Issue” which is a documentary about Vogue magazine; primarily Editor, Anna Wintour and Fashion Director, Grace Coddington.

I’ve heard a lot about this documentary and was told that by the end of it, I would either love or hate Anna, thinking she was either a “b-word” or a genius. By the end of it, I came to realize that she is definitely one thing: human. Wintour’s professional life (mildly separated from her personal) revolves around each page of the “fashion bible” illustrating the perfection of each dress, model’s silhouette, theme of the shoot, accessories present, etc. Coddington is a genius of a woman for reasons far beyond the word of fashion. She has a true passion, a true motivation for expressing wearable, trendy (trends following what Wintour has proclaimed as such) fashion in whimsical, creative ways. By the end of the documentary, all I could think to myself was: I want to work here, I want to write about the dresses and the shoes, the fashion shows and the cosmetics. I want to interview up-and-coming designers about what inspires them and how they were given an opportunity to join the elite. Wintour was described as being the “most powerful woman in America” and throughout the film I was waiting to be proved wrong. Wintour’s power effects people who haven’t a clue who she is. Coddington has shot some of the most iconic scenes in fashion photography in the past two decades. So, to conclude, I have decided Wintour is a genius, a rigid, cold genius. Her concern is no one’s feelings, only her magazine. If she wasn’t this tough, Vogue would have never become the empire it is today. She is a true living legend. That being said, Coddington is one of the most remarkable people involved in the fashion world who I believe doesn’t get enough credit for her work. These two women are an inspiration even still, the documentary was released in 2007 and 6 years later it is still powerful. As a journalism student, this whole documentary just fascinated me. It is a rare look into the world of Vogue and I would rate it a 4.5/5.. the only reason I don’t give it a perfect score is because I have so many unanswered questions….

Have you seen The September Issue? How did you feel about it? Share your thoughts!


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