My Top 5 Style Icons 2007-2013

These are my top 5 style icons of the past five years. There are style icons for all of fashion history, but I wanted to do something different here. I find that celebrities change their style every one to two years also, so I will be specific with not only who I am talking about, but also when.

1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (2008)

Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley OlsenChanel - PFW Fall Winter 2008/09 - /Runway/Arrivals

In 2008, the twins took on a very casual, yet chic, Parisian style rocking black and white, dark makeup and the famous Chanel circle sunglasses. The twins accessorized with strappy Yves Saint Laurent sandals, rich colored jewels and quilted Chanel bags with gold chains. What I enjoy most about their fashion from this time period is the bohemian flair to high-end fashion. They effortlessly mix the most expensive textiles on the planet in a comfortable, yet edgy way. I also really enjoyed their hair of this time – Ashley always stays true to blonde, but Mary Kate’s strawberry blonde look flatters her so much. In 2008, the Olsen twins still embraced the glowing skin look that California girls are best known for. This is really the time when the Olsens were becoming publicly recognized for their sense of style. Alex Tresniowski described the girls: “the Olsens are seen as mysterious wraiths teetering on high heels, seldom removing their sunglasses or speaking to anyone outside a clique of old friends.” Their mysterious attitude only add to my interest in them. Elle magazine published an article acknowledging the girls for their style throughout the years here.

2. Lily Allen (2009)


Britain’s pop singer, Lily Allen had a shining year in 2009, being hired as the face of Chanel’s 2009 purse line and releasing a new album put her in the spotlight. Allen’s style in 2009 represented a London princess who can’t be bothered to spend time too much time putting together an outfit, but doesn’t need to because it’s full of great blazers, Chanel dresses and distressed denim. All pieces that are essential in the wardrobe I dream of…just can’t afford…yet. Allen embraced a girly, yet edgy wardrobe. She also maintained the vintage inspired look that other London girls are known for, including Amy Winehouse and Adele. I also think she was a great model or celebrity to wear Betsey Johnson, because both Allen and Johnson have such a fun, funky eye for style. In 2009, Allen’s style outgrew the punky, rebellious style from 2007.

3. Rachel Zoe (2010)


When Rachel Zoe first starred in “The Rachel Zoe Project” the world was given a rare look into the world of Hollywood stylists. Zoe coined numerous qwerky phrases to express her love of fashion, “I die!” “So Major!” and, of course, “Bananas!”. Throughout her life as a stylist, Zoe has collected an unbelievably well thought-out, well-traveled wardrobe. In 2010, Zoe’s style was very laid back, a true Cali girl style. Zoe’s wavy blonde hair and thin, tan skin, each dress and blazer framed her in luxurious fabrics from designers that I only see in my dreams. Adorned with gold and pearl jewelry, her accessories always heightened her already flawless outfit. With her signature deep plum lipstick and big framed glasses, Zoe’s 2010 style embodied a designer runway on the beach in Paris.

“In my mind, being overdressed is not a bad thing at all. What’s the worst-case scenario? That you are the best-dressed person in the room? Who cares!” – Rachel Zoe. 

Zoe is now one of the most famous stylists in the world, serving the most famous public figures for the red carpet and more.

4. Iggy Azalea (2013)


Possibly the most flawless human being I have ever seen, Iggy Azalea is an Australian rapper (Grand Hustle)/model (Wilhelmina) whose style is reminiscent of 90’s hip hop but is latest 2013’s high end fashion. Azalea works long, platinum blonde hair in both vintage, soft waves and a tight, high pony tail. Her winged eyeliner is almost essential to her style, but lip shades from the darkest purple to the reddest pink. She shouts out love to MAC makeup on her twitter:

Each outfit is more daring than the next, keeping her followers aching for what’s next. Her stylist put together more than memorable ensembles in the video for her latest single, “Work” which you can watch here.

5. Solange Knowles (2011)


Solange Knowles made my list for many reasons. One of which is I love how she embraces fashion beyond the mainstream. Knowles embraces her culture and works it to the highest level. Her confidence shines through each of her outfits. 2011 was a great year for Knowles, who began to make her mark in fashion when she made Vogue’s “Best Dressed” list alongside her big sister, Beyonce.  She interprets the latest trends in ways that no other celebrity does, truly making it her own. In 2011, Knowles embraced a funky, trendy style with notes of classic style, from bold prints to 70’s inspired pieces. Some of my favorite looks have included her natural styled hair and coral, matte lips.

— — — — — — — — —

Are any of these style icons on your top 5 list? Leave a comment and let me know! 🙂

  1. I completely agree with #1. I’ll always be obsessed with Chanel sunglasses because of them.

    • I agree! I’ve always loved them and their style! I watched their movies when I was younger… they sparked my obsession with Chanel.

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