Product Review: Charity’s B.B. Cream

For the past two weeks, I have been going very light on my makeup (with the exception of nights with PLPR). I have a fair complexion in every season of the year but summer. My T-zone is notoriously oily towards the top, so finding a light, tint-free moisturizer that doesn’t make my face super oily is difficult – to say the least.

When I heard about Charity Makeup’s B.B. Cream I was intrigued.  I’ve used light moisturizers from almost every brand: Yes To Carrots, Neutrogena, Chanel, Aveeno, etc. I’ve also used various tinted moisturizers such as Stila, Benefit and Elf. I haven’t used a B.B. Cream per say, but from what I’ve heard they are intended to do everything from prime, even skin tone and soften your skin over time. Some B.B. Creams on the market offer color and coverage, but the Charity B.B. Cream is more of a Beauty Balm, hence the “B.B.”


As promised by Dawn Lily, the Charity B.B. Cream left my skin feeling prepped and moisturized, with velvety texture. I applied a quarter size amount to my freshly washed face around 10 in the morning. I spent the whole day at work, without a chance to touch-up my makeup (or really worry about my appearance in general). The application was very smooth, making my skin feel hydrated but also powder-soft. After eight hours, I returned home to fully examine my skin.


Throughout the day, the cream kept my skin tone more even. I could see my pores were tighter and my color more solid. My cheeks are naturally splotchy and slightly rosey, but the cream kept my skin calm. Had I worn foundation with the product, it would have primed my skin for a long day of makeup. The oil on my skin was also under control; thought my forehead built up a slick layer, my cheeks and nose had no extra oil.


When shopping for a B.B. Cream, you should keep in mind what you want it to achieve from it, to help guide you through what is right and wrong for your skin. The Charity B.B. Cream is a versatile B.B. Cream option because it does not add color to the skin, nor does it contain irritating fragrance. It targets your skin problems, providing smoothing or moisture, while delivering your skin healthy nutrients.


The B.B. Cream is made with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 and natural fruit extracts that provide an anti-aging effect, improve skin texture and help reduce wrinkles. Tocopherol Acetate and Retinyl Palmitate provide antioxidant benefits. Dimethiconol and peptide Argireline help diminish the appearance of fine lines, pores and conceal imperfections. Aloe gently moisturizes while it softens.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Overall, I am satisfied with what the Charity B.B. Cream has offered during my first trial with the product. I will continue to use the B.B. Cream to note any improvements in my skin, as well as to experiment with makeup layers. Stay tuned for updates!


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