Retro Relevance

The influence of retro fashion in modern designs is more common than most people tend to realize. Leggings, flare jeans, flowy blouses, peplum, A-line skirts, etc. have become staples in any modern fashionista’s wardrobe. What we can’t forget is these pieces are a reflection of fashion’s past. Will these trends ever go out of style, or will they remain timeless?


Leggings have been worn since the 13th century, providing layers of warmth and protection from bugs and other nuisances. In the 1960’s, leggings took on a mainstream sense of style as a part of an easy, go-to outfit: Leggings, ballet flats, a tunic and a wide belt. This style carried over into the ’80’s and has made a return in this decade.


Peplum has been one of the hottest trends for the past fall and this spring, but has actually been a key part of the fashion world since 1940’s. It had a major comeback in the ’80’s and has returned this decade. (Interesting how so many trends resurfaced in the ’80’s and 2010’s)  The peplum style is featured on shirts, dresses and skirts, offering a flared, ruffled bottom – perfect for any shape!

skirta line

The A-line skirt was created by designer Christian Dior, who coined the term for his spring 1955 fashion show. The A-line skirt fits at the waist and flares at the bottom to create an “A” shape on the body. The style was later adjusted by Yves Saint Laurent in his 1958 “Trapeze” clothing line. This style is still relevant in women’s workwear and business casual offering a stylish, yet modest approach to menswear.


High waisted skirts have also been around since the 1930’s and have been created in many shapes and lengths. The flattering shape and fit of high waisted skirts make them a great option in any woman’s wardrobe. This trend is incorporated into business-wear, casual-wear and even club-wear.


Other trends that are often revisited:


The LBD “little black dress” was one of the most simple, yet brilliant breakthroughs in all of fashion. A versitale, yet elegant piece that can be worn day or night, dressed up or down. Debuted by Coco Chanel in 1926, it has remained an essential part of a complete wardrobe.


Wedges are a fun way to wear heels without the wobbly, skinny heel. With tall styles, colorful styles, printed styles and plain styles, there is a pair of wedges than can be worn with any outfit. Salvatore Ferragamo crafted the first pair from wine-bottle corks in the 1930s. They remain a popular and relevant shoe style 80 years later.



Check out these articles about history repeating itself within the word of fashion: here. here. here. and here.



What trends do you think will never go out of style? Do you love/hate any of these styles? Comment and share your thoughts!

  1. Nice post! Very insightful to read! It is a general rule that trends follow a 25 year cycle so it totally makes sense that the styles of the 80’s are coming back into fashion.

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