Review: Ren Facemask

This citrusy, gel mask promised to improve my skin’s complexion and appearance immediately. So did it fulfill its promise?

When I cut open the square package of the Ren facemask sample, I immediately took in a rich orange scent.




The color matched perfectly, and the consistency was like a gel face wash. Surprisingly, it wasn’t overly-sticky so it spread very easily.




I covered my entire face with the mask after washing off the day’s makeup.




The label instructed me to wait 10 minutes to wipe the orange goo off my face with a warm washcloth. I also read that I might feel a tingly sensation (which I actually love) but I didn’t.




After my face was clean again, I patted my face dry and waited a few minutes before inspecting my skin.

I immediately noticed my face felt much “tighter” and my pores looked slightly smaller. As I’ve explained in previous posts, my cheesks are blotchy and red, but this mask definitely made this less noticeable, making the red slightly more pink and faded. My face wasn’t exceptionally soft, but did feel very clean.

Perhaps if I had more product to test on my skin, I would notice greater change. I do feel this product would live up to the promises on the label with consistent use.

(Side note: I also appreciate the company’s outspoken stance against animal testing below the directions.)


Have you tried this, or any other Ren product? Let me know about your experience!



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