Timeline: Fashion from 2002-2013

Here is a timeline I created marking some of the most iconic fashion moments from the past decade.




1. Black Nail Polish – Before this decade, the only people you would have seen sporting black nail polish were goths & punks. After Avril Lavigne hit the stage, young girls everywhere began to embrace a mainstream, punk-rock-princess wardrobe. Along with this came black nail polish. I remember desperately wanting to follow this trend at 9 years old and being completely shot down by my mom. As the decade progressed, celebrities & designers began to accept the look as a mysteriously chic addition to wardrobes & runways.

2. Big Framed Sunglasses – The return of Onassis Glasses, which were popularized by Jacqueline Kennedy in the 1950s. The Onassis glasses are characterized by the large, circular lenses tucked into thick frames.

3. Velour Track Suits – When you hear “velour track suits” you probably picture one of two things – Bob from That 70’s Show in his burgundy track suit, or Brittany Spears in the unforgettable (and also quite tacky) Juicy Couture track suits. In the middle of the century, these outfits were undeniably popular among Heiresses and students on their laziest days. The trend definitely fizzled out, but companies like Victoria Secret continue to make them.

4. Ugg Boots – Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit that Uggs have totally become a part of mainstream shoewear in the US. Originally from Autstralia, these boots became popular in the middle of the decade by Heiresses and students who couldn’t be bothered to lace up or strap on real shoes. They have been recreated by numerous brands but all still have the distincitive, moon boot quality. Ugg has also released a wedding collection.

5. Thigh-High Boots – First worn in 1905 by the Three Mustketeers, these long, often leathery, boots were popularized in the 60’s mod fashion and later became a not to so chic sign as part of Julia Robert’s outfit in Pretty Woman, 1990. Mid-way through this decade, these boots made a return on the big screen when Anne Hathaway wore the iconic Chanel boots in The Devil Wears Prada. The boots have since been seen on the runways of Prada, Jean Paul Gaultier, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

6. Trenchcoats –  From its original days as a coat for the British army in the 1800’s to the devastating connection from the “trenchcoat army” , this over coat has been made popular again in the latter part of this decade. Burberry has been one of the most popular names for trench coats since the early 1900’s and remains the go-to designer for this classic wardrobe piece. The coat has made a full return into mainstream fashion in various colors, cuts, lengths and patterns. The simple, sleek look is timeless.

7. V-Neck T-Shirts – When crew neck tee shirts just couldn’t hang, v-necks took center stage. Though this style was created far before the year of 2009, like most other fashion trends, it was recreated as a simple, stylish approach to the everyday tee. Offering a different shape for the neckline, they pair well with just about everything: leather jackets, blazers, cardigans. American Apparel is one of the top retailers for them. The “deep v” was also polularized but isn’t as practical or flattering on most people.

8. Varsity Jackets – The varsity jacket became an essential piece for anyone embracing the street style point of fashion. These jackets can be found just about anywhere, from Joyrich to Fovever21. Models, fashion bloggers and hipsters have taken on this trend. The longevity is unknown. For now, they remain stylish. But next year they could be old news.

9. Colored Denim – Once skinny jeans made themselves a wardrobe staple, companies including Forever 21, Express, Urban Outfitters, etc. began to churn out colors other than classic light/dark denim. From salmon to burgundy, gray to turquois, it is now possible to find your favorite fit in virutally any color. Whether this trend will last is totally up to the versitility it’s owners decide to impliment. For now, it remains a fun way to color block, accent a top or add a funky vibe to almost any outfit.

10. Combat Boots – Last year, combat boots became a fashion sensation for almost every style: punk, boho, hipster, etc. Made famous by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, combat boots are now being made in every color and pattern under the sun. Far from the origins of military soldiers, combat boots offer a laid back, edgy addition to almost any outfit.


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