Fashion Demographics: A Small Study

The purpose of this exercise was to gather data and create a visual representation. I surveyed 13 of my classmates, which makes this a VERY small focus group, I know. However I did learn some interesting facts about general fashion demographics among Communications students in my Multimedia class at Point Park University.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 8.58.48 PM

*Graphic made here.



The majority of the students I surveyed were female. The affordability and style that Forever 21 offers it’s customers made it an obvious choice for 8 people. Urban Outfitters was the second most chosen option, with 3 votes. Levi’s and BCBG both had 2 votes and 1 person shopped at Pac Sun. I was surprised that BCBG received 2 votes and Pac Sun only 1, but clearly the girls in my class prefer a more polished look than the surfer chic that Pac Sun represents.


The options for shirts and dresses each had 6 votes, making them the tied for the most chosen option. Jewelry was the second most awarded selection with 3 votes, followed by shoes with 2 votes and tied for last place with 1 vote each, were coats and jeans. This also surprised me, I would have imagined dresses not being such a highly voted option, but clearly the females enjoy a feminine look!


For this question, I asked “Where do you get your source of fashion inspiration?” This was answered Celebrities by 5 people; Stylists by 5 people; Musicians by 4 people; Publications, Designers and Athletes by 3 people; and Models by only 1 person. For the most part, these answers seemed pretty typical. The 5 responses to Stylists was perhaps the most interesting answer, as only 2 people said very interested in fashion (refer to chart below). I would think that following style tips from an actual stylist would mean you have a high interest in fashion.



This question was one which I hadn’t tried to predict the answer to. I believe you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, so, that being said – I LOVE fashion but don’t look blog-post-worthy every single day. Of the surveyed, the most responded to the question with a “somewhat interested” response. 3 other students were interested while 2 were very interested and 2 were not interested. I threw the last option in there just to see if someone would answer with that response, and though I think if you truly couldn’t care less you’d be in public not matching, disheveled, etc. (which none of my classmates do) I wasn’t surprised for that answer.



Not that money has anything to do with a good sense of style, but for the sake of collecting random fashion demographics, I figured I’d ask how much of their monthly budget is given to fashion. 8 people responded less than $100. Over $200 and Less than $50 both received 2 votes and no one surveyed answered they spend over $500. That really wasn’t surprising because we are college students, most of us on a tight budget with other financial responsibilities.



This question had the most opposite answers to what I had anticipated. 10 people answered that summer was their primary shopping season, while 4 shop the most in the winter, 3 in the spring and 3 in the fall. I feel as though I try to live in a bathing suit as much as possible, or wear the same jean shorts to often in the summer to think about spending extra time on my wardrobe. That being said, I would have expected more people to have answered fall or winter over summer as much.


Overall, what these results from my small sample size is this:

Most of my classmates have a slight interest in fashion, but nothing to make them spend over $100 a month. They are interested in finding fashion inspiration from various sources. They spend the most money and add to their wardrobe the most in the summer time. As the group was mostly girls, the favorite items to buy was dresses and shirts. Overall, I think that these answers were predictable, though there were some instances where I would’ve imagined different answers. This exercise showed me that even if you aren’t dedicated to fashion like I am, you can still put in effort into your personal style.


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