Menswear done right

My there are some stylish guys out there! But for those who don’t have a clue… I, with the help of my best friend and fellow fashionista, have compiled an easy and informative collection of suggestions, rules, guidelines, etc. to help our men (including all you wonderful guys reading this!) stay simply stylish.

Wardrobe essentials:

1. A good suit – check out this awesomely funny and informative graphic for more details!


2. A nice pair of dress shoes in both black and brown for matching and variety purposes.

3. Cufflinks are a great way to add an air of sophistication or, oppositely, wittiness to any suit. (Check out these ones on Etsy...)

4. Colored button down shirts for any occasion, formal or not, a variety of dress shirts will be handy for matching a date/group, making a basic suit more interesting and when paired with denim, create an easy, business casual look.

5. A sports jacket, otherwise known as a blazer, is the perfect paired with jeans, chinos, etc. It can pull your outfit together and increase the level of sophistication for you and your outfit.

– – – – – – –

Tips on how to style:

Formal wear

If the occasion is more formal, never forget a neck tie or bow tie (definitely check out the ones available here!). Don’t be afraid to mix prints, but don’t mix more than three. It can become more of a distraction than a statement at that point. Keep in mind the seasons, for Spring/Summer, try white, light gray or navy instead of black. In the Fall/Winter, try a dark jewel tone, dark gray or black. Never forget the handkerchief in the pocket, even if you don’t intend to use it, it can offer a colorful, eye-catching quality to an otherwise basic suit. Don’t be afraid of prints on the suit jacket and pants, such as pinstripes or paisley, but keep the button down shirt simple if you’re going to rock a printed jacket/pant. In the Fall/Winter, throw on a sweater over the button down, under the jacket. Layering is not only warm, but incredibly chic when done correctly. Vests are an important part of a complete suit, they can bring it together, or can take the place of a jacket in some instances (such as a Spring wedding). Experiment with patterned vests under plain jackets for a fashion-forward look.

[Business] Casual wear

To begin, you need at least 4 pairs of well-fitted jeans, including a light and dark wash, black denim and either an additional one of those or a color/print. You should also have a few pairs of Chinos, including a Khaki and gray pair. These are a great way to style a business casual outfit with a button down or sweater, without wearing suit pants or jeans. Paired with a crew or v-neck they have a more laid back appeal. When it comes to the Chinos, don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colors. Always have a few fresh, plain white and black t-shirts in your drawers to wear alone or under shirts. (Side note: a white tee + a patterned vest + jeans = one hot outfit!) Stock up on v-necks or crew-necks in as many colors as you like. You can wear your button down shirts with or without a suit jacket, you can usually forget the tie/bowtie for a business casual look. That isn’t to say that you should avoid them for this style, but they aren’t always a necessary component unless you’re sporting a Brian Holton necktie, then you definitely shouldn’t leave it at home. Always have a neutral, structured blazer that you can pair with jeans or Chinos in any color/print. When it comes to the button down shirts, keep a variety of patterns and colors in your closet to effortlessly bring more animation and excitement to an outfit. Also, short sleeve button downs are a great way to look more polished, but also relaxed (same rules about colors/patterns apply).

And don’t forget…

  1. To make sure your suit jacket, pants, vests and button down shirts are fitted properly. Don’t be afraid to ask the sales associates to measure, tailor and be honest with your fits. There’s nothing more attractive and helpful than a guy who knows what fits him properly.
  2. Shoes can make or break an outfit. Keep your leather shoes polished and your sneakers clean. Don’t just throw on a pair of shoes because they are your favorite or are most comfortable (aka worn in), especially when you are going to be at an event with lots of photographers.
  3. Match. This may seem incredibly obvious, but simple details like mixing purple/red or green/yellow can have a superhero effect. Which some guys may love, but it can give an amateur, unprofessional sense of fashion. (Which by now should have graduated from!)
  4. The socks! In any color, pattern and style you like – just keep them in the same color scheme as the rest of your outfit.

– – – – – –

Well guys, I hope this did or will help some of you put together an outfit in the (near) future! Keep me posted if so 🙂 And don’t forget to follow our menswear board on Pintrest! (click here)

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