Designer Spotlight: SYDNEY-DAVIES

From fleeing a brutal, 9-year civil war, to completing a full internship with one of the most prestigious names in fashion in London, to present day preparations for Africa Fashion Week, designer Euphemia Sydney Davies has come into the spotlight with designs inspired by the darkness of the war, translated flawlessly into RTW and couture pieces in her collections.

Davies was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone, on the west coast of Africa. In her early teens, she was forced to flee the country with her family to escape the ongoing civil war. She traveled to Gambia, then to Kenya as a refugee and eventually made it to the United Kingdom where she has lived grown and worked for 12 years.

Davies studied and received a high honors BA degree in Fashion Industry from the renowned Herriot Watt University in Scotland. She also completed full-time internship under her belt with Alexander McQueen in London as assistant pattern cutter. It was there that she honed her skills in the fine art of draping, pattern cutting, tailoring and producing a well-made garment.


From the design stage through to draping and pattern-cutting to construction of each garment down to the last button,  everything is made by Davies.

As the company grows, the company remains true to their ethical views, “Our very strong belief in the non exploitation of workers, something that will be heavily present at the top of the labels policy and one we will do everything in our power to ensure.” says Davies.

As the brand prepares for AFW, they heavily research African fashion market and economy in general. They believe a good understanding of what’s going on, what the people want and at what price is affordable is essential to any sort of success in the African fashion market.Celebrity endorsements are a large part of a label’s success on this market.

“The African music artist no matter how successful or not is well known and idolized by his people. There is a real personal love and admiration for their home grown artist and these artists are mostly happy to wear interesting edgy designer wear so its a win win situation for both artist and designer.” says Davies.

Sydney-Davies offers men and women a chance to express their individual sense of style, resilience and refusal to conform. It isn’t eccentric or unwearable, Sydney Davies is comfortable Ready To Wear with an edge which sets it apart from other labels. Her designs are characterized by an edgy mixture of ready-to-wear and couture pieces incorporating prints and sharp tailoring with its signature clever paneling and text print.

“My style is bold, edgy fresh and innovative. A high fashion soup of tailoring, interesting panelling, bold prints and a hint of street wear.” Says Davies.

Creativity, impeccable precision and discipline, as well as industry experience have launched Davies into an upcoming spot in Africa Fashion Week, presenting her Spring/Summer 2013 collection on July 20, 2013 visit for more details.


‘All the talent in the world is wasted without love. IF you don’t love fashion and it is doesn’t run in your veins like the blood in your body, if it is not all you think about then you are wasting your time. Even in my sleep i dream of what i want to make. Love SD x’

Check out Sydney-Davies online at, on Twitter @S_DaviesDesigns and on Facebook!/E.SydneyDavies.


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