Beauty Tool Review: Nikki’s Magic Wand

[I want to preface this post by saying I am not a makeup artist or professional beautician. I do, however, love makeup and when I find a great product, I can’t help but share why I love it!]

At a past event, Get Glam: Glam Night Out, hosted by the fabulous Stephanie Campbell of Glam and Graffiti at Jupe Boutique in the South Side, I was lucky enough to meet Sean Griffin who told me and the fellow Pretty Living gals about Nikki’s Magic Wand, a universal beauty tool that he guaranteed we would love.


The wand comes in a sleek, black tube. The wand itself is quite thin, which allows for reach in skinnier tubes. It’s long enough to reach down into long, narrow tubes but it’s still only 4 inches long so you can always grab it and go.


The first thing that came to mind for using Nikki’s Magic Wand was mascara. My favorite mascara ever (which you might have seen me ranting and raving about on Instagram and Facebook) is Chanel Le Volume De Chanel. It is also my most expensive mascara ever. For over $30+ a bottle, it’s definitely an investment for my makeup bag, but I have no reservations doing so because it lasts so long (I’m still using the same tube from Christmas!) How is that possible? Nikki’s Magic Wand, of course!


Nikki’s Magic Wand digs all the way down to the bottom of the tube and glides on the sides and shoulders of a tube, scraping reaching makeup that would otherwise be discarded. The tip of the wand is soft enough for direct application of lipgloss or concealer left over from swiping and gliding along the tube. I wanted to show how the wand fits into smaller tubes of mascara (and lipgloss, concealer, etc.). Here I am loosening up unused mascara in my tube of Clinque Lash Power Mascara.


For cleaning, I would use a wet tissue to clean off mascara, but perhaps a gentle cleanser to remove thicker, sticker products such as lipgloss. (Note: the tip of the wand is durable but delicate, and may come off during cleaning if you pull too hard, but slips back on with ease.)

– – – – – –

Overall, I am very impressed with this product. I would recommend purchasing one for each makeup category (eye/lip/face products), especially if you are a makeup artist. I don’t think it’s possible to have too many of these magic wands on hand! Just thinking about all the unused mascara, concealer, lipgloss, etc. that I’ve thrown out in the past makes me cringe! Never again!

Here’s a quick demonstration of the wand in use:

To purchase and for more information, visit Nikki’s website:


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