Chic To Death: Victoria Beckham

This posh mother of four has maintained one of the most iconic and down right fabulous fashion sense over the years.


Beckham’s style has always been fashion-forward and edgy, her slender frame emphasizing a high fashion look.

Known for her use of cool tones, denim and leather in her wardrobe, as well as crisp, white button downs, black pointed toe stilettos and a good pair of ankle pants, she has stayed on the radar for her effortlessly cool wardrobe. Even in her most casual looks, including military jackets and denim cut off shorts, Beckham always looks sleek.


Over the years, her style has grown to be slightly more structured and sophisticated, a little less spice girl, but always feminine and pretty. She remains edgy and fearless – and she should be, she looks flawless in everything she wears. Beckham has participated in various fashion trends through out the years, some we should probably forget, but has always kept a sexy, top model essence.

She continues to grace the industry with her own designs, including accessories, eyewear and denim.  [ Here are some of my favorites! One. Two. Three. Four. Five. ]


At 39, she remains not only stylish and gorgeous, but also an important and inspiring part of fashion worldwide. Check out her latest  cover on Vogue China!


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