Vittorio J’s Perfect Knot

Picture this – a pair of Marilyn Monroe and JFK lookalikes seductively teaching you how to tie with 4 different knots, sensual jazz in the background, and Monroe being tied to a white fluffy bed with luxurious designer ties. That’s the idea behind Vittorio J’s latest campaign, Kickstarter.

“Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy proved that fashion offers a platform for communication, expression and influence that can’t be accessed any other way,” said Vittorio J co-founder, Jesse Chao.


The 30-day fundraising effort launched in June. It is intended to educate the public about choosing and tying the proper knot, while generating broad exposure for Vittorio J’s exclusive line of premium neckties. And who doesn’t love to see a Monroe/JFK theme?

In tandem with the star’s 87th birthday, Vittorio J launched this one-of-a-kind initiative as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe’s unforgettable style, enduring appeal and entrepreneurial spirit, themes which are central the brand’s designs.

Kickstarter runs through July 12th and offers backers an array of unique rewards, including the limited edition ties chosen by the company’s high-profile clients, including ties worn by England’s Prince William, President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton, plus a small number of ultra-scarce, highly-coveted presidential cufflinks.

Vittorio J features limited edition neckties that deliver the very best of Old World tailoring and contemporary design. Using the highest grade silks, artisan master cuts, hand folding and sewing, Vittorio J offers clients the most authentic, ultra-premium Italian craftsmanship available.

Check out the video:


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