Night of Style at Jules Boutique

Last night, I stepped into my favorite strappy heels and walked down to Jules Boutique for Share Some Style’s Night of Style.


Image 8

The front of the boutique is the room of women’s clothing and accessories. The space is industrial chic with pipes as clothing racks and minimalistic decor, giving the small space an open feel. All of the clothing is hand picked by the owner, who maintains the exclusive boutique shopping experience with a limited number of items available. The clothes are trendy, yet classic – 4 way stretch fit denim and real leather features on denim shirts.

Owner Julia believes in bringing Lawrenceville (Pittsburgh) only quality, American made brands.

“I worked at Pittsburgh Jean Company so I am an expert with denim. I used to wear DL back in college.”

Image 11

DL is one of the brands featured in Jules. The denim comes in pure, rich colors like jade and white. One of the other featured brands is C & C California, is a line of perfectly cut, soft shirts made in the USA.

Image 2

“I thought to myself, ‘Where did these brands go? I need to bring them back.’.”

Walking to the back of the shop, you come upon the men’s section.

Image 12

The ambiance is a sort of abercrombie model gets a college degree in graphic design – fur carpet on the hard wood, antlers hanging above throwback Pirates hats, shoes and denim, a signed copy of Obey’s Supply and Demand by Shepard Fairey (who the owner did PR for back in NYC. Old furniture has been up-cycled into displays of ties, shoes and sale items.

Image 4

Image 6

Image 5

For Night of Style, a group of stylists from Share Some Style made themselves available to assist shoppers in the boutique. As I walked through Jules, a variety of accessories and clothes caught my eye. Many of them also caught they eye of the stylists who left notes around the store with tips, comments and praises for the boutique’s chic goods.

My favorite pieces in the store were delicate skull beads, tiny gold wishbone studs, and hand-beaded, scalloped tanks. Check out some of the pieces that caught my eye:

Image 10

Image 9

Image 7

Image 3


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