Merry Christmas from Perry Rose Report!

What an incredible year this has been. So much has happened, good and bad. But I can say I am ending this year with more blessings than troubles, more goals and dreams and a more positive outlook on my future.

At the beginning of this year, I started this blog under the name “Steel City Fashion” as an assignment for a class at my university. Whether it was my passion for fashion, my location relevant to readers, my skills at captivating an audience, or a combination of all three  – it landed me an internship where I learned a lot, traveled a lot, and met great people. Through this experience, I sharpened my skills as a blogger and with networking.

Since January, I’ve also attended an incredible amount of fashion shows and met all sorts of designers in Pittsburgh, New York and beyond. I can’t express how thankful I am to everyone who has taken the time to look through my blog, participate in interviews with me to establish the posts on here and also to my friends and family who support me to no end. I truly could not do this without all of you.

This year I also took a shot at modeling with the help of Brian Holton and Brazil Raine, who do nothing  but support me with each snap of the camera, sweep of mascara. These two people keep me motivated and on top of everything, and I am so looking forward to our collaborations in the new year – BIG things are coming!

More recently, I began writing for Fashion Unfold, a fashion editorial blog based out of the UK. My first post was submitted this week, and I can’t wait to put together more pieces for Tianna Alexandre! Check out the post here: click!

With the new year upon us, I am looking forward with wide eyes and bold lips. It will be my last year at university and I will end it with a Bachelor’s degree. During this time, I hope that this blog will continue to expand in the coming months and allow me to meet more wonderfully creative people.  Each day I am inspired by what I know is still out there for me to uncover. I hope you are just as excited to explore these things with me through my blog, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday and bright new year, see you in 2014!



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