The Dopest Online Thrift Store

At only 20 years old, Shawn Beach has had more success than most. This past November, his online thrift store celebrated its one year anniversary. While the company continues to expand, Beach is looking to grow his staff while continuing to be recognized for being “DOPE.”


Beach chats with Perry Rose Report on his unique branding, style inspirations and a tiger named Lenny.

PRR: On your site, you have an array of witty characteristics like tigers in suits and monkeys in slacks – is this a reflection of your brand’s personality, or something else?

SB: Basically the tigers, animals and themes on the site are all a reflection of my personality and imagination. I’m 20 years old, but I’m a big kid, and I love cartoons and things that seem unreal. The tiger man’s name is Lenny and he is the character trademark and symbol behind Dope Junkyard.

PRR: Where do you get your styling/fashion/wardrobe inspiration? I noticed Pharell on your Tumblr.

SB: That’s a dope question; I would say I really kind of do my own thing with the whole “Beach” theme since Beach is my real last name. I kind of give my style that Beach feel but I can also mix it with a dressy look, a more unique look, or even a very simple modern look. It all depends on how im feeling, but having a Beach theme is kind of how I move about my life. Pharell is definitely one of my favorite artists ever, in both music and fashion. What he’s done so far for this generation is monumental and one of my goals for 2014 is to meet him. So if anybody out there is reading this that happens to know Pharrell, then please let him know that we need to meet and talk about some ideas.

Dope Junkyard owner, Shawn Beach in The State Sunday paper

Beach’s fun personality and passion for standing out haven’t gone unnoticed.

His approach is pretty straight forward:

“I like cool things and I always hated wearing or having the same thing as another person – especially if it was something I thought was really special. I took that approach and put that twist on it with Dope Junkyard.” Says Beach.

Not everything is a  “one of a kind,” but he makes sure the items are unique and hard to find.


Akomplice Pelican Belt


Jimi Hendrix “Are You Experienced?” on vinyl

The merch comes from all different places – both nationally and internationally, from a variety brands and supply companies. The goods are collected through submissions to the site, or from barters Beach makes himself. From t-shirts, to hats, to records to shorts, this thrift store has something for everyone.

And when it comes to submissions, Beach won’t settle for anything less than a must have:

“Im picky haha I cant lie about that. But if somebody submits something very dope, then I will most certainly love to have it on” Said Beach.

Need to see more? Visit Dope Junkyard online, like their Facebook page and follow on Twitter.


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