Designer Spotlight: Arjan B

By way of background, Arjan B – literally translated as ‘purity’ – has pioneered a fabulous new take on womenswear that combines the skillful draping of the East and the structured tailoring of the West to create luxurious occasion and bridal wear. Through her take on luxury womenswear, head designer, Geetu Tulsiani, proves that careful, conceptual design needn’t be about making an outlandish statement, but rather materializing opulence and creating timelessly stunning gowns.

ArjanB29 ArjanB30

Tulsiani, who studied at the London College of Fashion and worked alongside the likes of Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan and Julien Macdonald, said: “We produce high quality, luxury garments made in England using seductive fabrics. Our aim is to be the label that observes, listens, innovates and responds to social growth. We accept that short-term change is constant, and develop beautiful garments to fulfill client’s changing desires. To create garments of an ethereal signature, which provoke confidence, demand attention and hold their integrity over time.”

ArjanB12  ArjanB14  ArjanB18

With predominately long fluid, embroidered Italian silk chiffon and crepe dresses (which can be also be provided in a short version), Arjan B offers garments that are made for differing figures and are designed to accentuate the curves of a woman. All embroidery and prints are unique to Arjan B. Pieces are 100% silk with accents or contrasts.


PRR: As head designer of Arjan B, how do you begin creating your work? (Ex. Start with a certain song, read a certain book, impromptu/unplanned)

GT: I am inspired by emotion, whether that be through a quote from a philosopher, a poem or book, a play, through travel, a piece of art or music, a conversation or simply a moment in my life that stirred an emotion that I had to express. My work tends to read like a diary with concepts and themes telling a direct emotive narrative for the onlooker to absorb. Like a painting, the more you look, the more you discover. I remember describing my sketchbooks as ‘me inside out’ and I still feel this way. I am very private about whom I share them with. For example the SS14 collection is entitled ‘Weightless’. It is a journey to realization. The spirit of the season is below:

Weightless – A journey to realization:

When you travel a spiritual path, immersing your senses in your surroundings, you reach a point of self-realization. The breathtaking moment of sudden clarity, where all impurities are removed, the past crystallises and makes sense offering new, focussed direction for the future. It is a feeling of weightlessness.

ArjanB23 ArjanB25  ArjanB27

Inspired by both manmade and organic forms, from ocean depths with oil like silks, algae crystal laces and coral texture embroideries to geometric architectural prints worked in a sympathetic and ethereal way with fine French copper lace. Colours are muted with subtle changes in tone; an evolutionary movement from pale peach to titanium to mint to bottle green. It is a natural growth and maturing in hue and tone.

The collection explores the idea of seeing clothing as lightweight architecture. It plays with empty space, transparency and weightless fineness. It softens architectural print through layering and misty effects. It punctuates with fresh stripes, pearlescent pastel embellishment and new hand drawn geometrics.


PRR: It was said that your brand aims to be a label that “observes, listens, innovates and responds to social growth” – What kinds of social growth inspires your label? How do you hope to take these kinds of actions?

GT: We observe the client. See how they live and their changes in desire. This is always dictated by their circumstances. Changes within society play a huge part within design as this governs desire. And ultimately we want to fulfil that desire.


PRR: Being a brand that creates garments which appreciates the curves of a woman, how do your designs enlighten the world of fashion to new possibilities for design (with Italian silk chiffon and crepe dresses)?

GT: Our size chart is cut for the curvier woman, to be in line with market research performed by a plethora of industry professionals. Our shapes echo this, as of course the proportion of a body has a great effect on the overall silhoutte so all elements must be factored in. Where we aim to add something new is our bespoke embroidery service, so bespoke embroidery is key to our designs. We translate artwork into embroidery, drawing on personal reference points, memories and thoughts as our inspiration, meaning clothes that literally are pieces of art. This is something that we offer for private clients also and is a really exciting part of the Arjan B offering, as it allows us to delve deep into a client’s personal ideas to create pieces that represent them on an emotional level.

ArjanB13ArjanB20ArjanB3   ArjanB17

The company currently has stockists London, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Jeddah and are expanding. Connect with this inspiring brand online:


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