Curly Hair Diaries: The Chop

When I was about 10 years old, I built up the courage to experiment with short hair. At the time, I was convinced I was nature’s worst enemy – flashback to awkward training bras and ill-fitted L.E.I shorts – so this was a bold move for little curly haired me!

And…. I hated it. My little boyfriend at the time hated it. The shape was no doubt a triangle (I guess the woman couldn’t foresee how my thick, curly hair would lay once it wasn’t wet). Which did absolutely nothing to flatter my boyish body shape at the time. It was nearly impossible to make anything of my hair, which was cut all to one length.

So when I started to consider chopping again, it’s no wonder I was slightly hesitant. Not to mention, I received a backlash from most people on Facebook who refused to let me consider such a thing. After all, my hair is sort of my trademark.

I was certain of a few things: First, my hair wasn’t as healthy as I wanted it to be. The ends were fried, the shape was off, and I was sick of spending so much time with deep conditioning treatments – well, any hair product for that matter. Second, being an expectant mother (oh, you didn’t know? I’m pregnant!) I need something that’s simple and quick to style while still being trendy and chic.  If this style was to work for me, it’d be easier to keep up with, and my little-one-to-be wouldn’t have a grand ole time tugging at my hair. Third, I’ve been pinning chic lobs (long bobs) for the past few months and man was I aching for something new.


So, I contacted my sweet friend Bella who works at Metamorphosis Organic Salon and Spa. Saturday at 12:30pm? Perfect. See you then. My stylist, Lindsey, released my scalp of about 6+ inches, and my long flowing locks were no more. But I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t fearful of what it’d look like, and not just because I trusted Bella and Lindsey. I took one look in the mirror and fell in LOVE!. What do you know? Short hair CAN work for me. What a miracle!

hair hair2 hair3
How do you like it? 😉

Here’s a side-by-side collage of the before and afters. And yes, my head feels 50x lighter!


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