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Jessica Smart, a fashion management graduate from Toronto, gets feedback for  her ideas about the latest trends from all over the globe.

Blogging has helped her gain exposure and an audience. She has noticed a change in herself too.

Jessica Smart, a fashion management graduate from Toronto, takes her ideas about the latest trends – and gets feedback from all over the globe. Photo: Submitted

“It truly sucks you in,” she said. “I’m more aggressive with expressing myself. It’s addictive, I guess you could say, to try and gain exposure.”

In the age of social media, there are benefits and shortcomings of having this position behind a screen, bloggers said. On one hand, it is possible to talk with other fashion bloggers around the world. On the other, it can be hard to share your opinions and work without seeming too eager or aggressive.

Smart said her main goal is to stand out, going against the bigger voices online, such as Vogue, Elle and WhoWearWhat, while professionally expressing her passions and interests.

“There is a lack of identity,” she said. “When sharing your opinions on trends, you should encourage your readers to be aware that [the post] is about what you’re doing and remind them to be themselves.”

When it comes to planning, Smart works on a day-to-day basis.

“If it’s Fashion Week, I’m planning for that; if it’s award season, that’s my focus. Everyday, I log on, I see what others are doing.” she said.

Another blogger and full-time student Tiffany Curtis, of Philadelphia, takes on a similar strategizing technique.

Student Tiffany Curtis writes the Undergrad Style File fashion blog. Photo: Submitted

“I would follow bloggers and their social media sites for style inspiration and to see how they connected with their audiences. In doing so, I was able to figure out how to reach my target audience and how to build up my brand,” Curtis said.

In reaching her own audience, Curtis found that presence on social media is essential to getting a larger readership, but not to overwhelm the workload and exhaust oneself trying to conquer every website.

Her blog, the Undergrad Style File, focuses on college-friendly trends and styles, interpreted from the runway and trend reports from major publications. While her main focus is blogging, she admits that learning social media requires just as much effort.

“Social media has made me feel bolder when networking,” she said. “Social media allows my work and brand to speak for itself and, in turn, social media has made networking more diverse.”

Social media guru and wardrobe stylist Jasmine Everett is perhaps the most experienced on the list. Everett has approached social media from a professional standpoint since the early days of Myspace a decade ago. Taking the time to learn how to use the Internet professionally and how to personally brand led Everett to the right contacts through efficient engaging.

Jasmine Everett. Photo: Submitted

“I don’t consider myself a blogger,” she said. “I’m more of a conversationalist/documenter and social media taught me the difference … I treat social media as more of a café – thousands of my friends drinking coffee, looking over portfolios, exchanging work and talking fashion, but instead of lasting for 20 minutes, we do it almost 24/7 – with hashtags.”

The ability to reach nearly every corner of the globe is what allows users, such as Everett to expand her audience, while targeting like-minded individuals. She said she likes to keep the conversations real, expressing strong opinions that sometimes get combative.

Through Twitter, she said she found her most useful technique for exposure.

“Hashtags are vital,” she said. “They’re everywhere now and people love to check and create them. It’s a super easy to do and if it’s catchy and engaging enough, it could become something huge like #Stylechat or #Belieber. Adding a hashtag makes you more accessible to people with common interests that you aren’t already connected to.”

To connect with these bloggers, visit their blogs and social media below:

Jessica Smart

@Jess_AliceRose (Twitter)

@alicenrose (Instagram)

Tiffany Curtis, Undergrad Style File (blog site)

@ugradstylefile (Twitter)

@fierceundergrad (Instagram)

Ugradstylefile1 (Pinterest)

Jasmine Everett



*Note: this story was also published here.


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