Glitter & Grit Bridal Boutique

Glitter & Grit owner Erin Szymanski has established one of the most unique bridal boutiques in the city in just months.

Walking into the shop on the corner of 53rd and Butler Street, visitors may be pleasantly surprised to not be overwhelmed by hundreds of look-alike dresses. The shop carries, at most, 75 pieces. If you’re a bride looking for an eco-friendly gown, hand-dyed dress or bohemian-chic frock, Glitter & Grit has something for you.

“When I first opened, I looked at [wedding] photographers’ blogs for gowns in shoots that were different, and where to find them. Now, designers will reach out to me,” Szymanski said.

Szymanski also offers “trunk shows,” which is what she calls a window display showcasing a collection from a designer the store doesn’t carry. It’s her way of bringing brides a look at something new, while deciding if the brand is a good fit for her intimate store. These trunk shows also pull in brides from outside of her usual Pittsburgh target market, including Ohio and West Virginia.

The sales process begins with a one-on-one conversation with the bride, to establish what dress would best fit her wedding theme.

“If they haven’t nailed down a location, or they don’t have a specific aesthetic in mind, I don’t encourage them to buy a dress,” she said. “The only factor that is really important is the venue. The bride sets the tone.”

Glitter & Grit is open by appointment only, and the boutique is closed to all other customers during that time. To schedule your appointment, you can reach Szymanski at 412-781-2375 or send a note through her website,



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