Expectant Style: A Chic Pregnancy Guide

Ah, the beauty of motherhood. It is a great time to enjoy your natural glow, but when it comes to dressing your lovely bump, it can be hard to find items that are stylish and comfortable (especially in the summertime!)

When it comes to shopping for clothes that are maternity-friendly, keep these tips in mind:

1.) Drawstrings are your friends. Now, these types frocks may not have been your go-to pre-pregnancy, but trust me; these are worth the investment. First of all, they will stretch with you. Second, they have tons of cute options now, from dress pant look-a-likes to light, linen and silk options. Third, they’re on trend. That’s right. Hippie chic pants are back in a big way. So when you’re ready to make the buy, keep a fun print in mind!

2.) Embrace colors! Whether it’s a pale baby pink or jewel tone purple, colors can keep your style looking alive. Chances are, you’re going to steer towards neutral skirts, shorts and pants, so why not utilize a bold color to accent your bump? Sure, black may be slimming, and if you’re feeling bloated, you may think this is your best option. But remember, you’ve only got the bump as your accessory for the next few months!

3.) Long tunics > button downs. Now, this one may seem obvious, but as your bump grows (along with your chest) a tunic is a great way to keep your belly covered and stylish. Not only are they a great way to keep covered (and professional if this is a concern for you) they are a great pair with leggings, denim shorts, linen boot cut pants, etc. Not only will you have tons of styling options, tunics usually come in a great variety of colors and prints.

4.) Maxi dresses will truly help you embrace your bump. If you’re like me, your bump has only just begun to show (22 weeks and counting!) which means you’re excited to accentuate your new feminine feature. Maxi dresses are not only comfortable and no-hassle, they happen to fall on your body shape in the most accentuating ways – like I said in tip #2, embrace it while you have it! Most maxi dresses come in light fabrics, which will help you keep cool as summer approaches.

Now you may be thinking, ah! great tips – but where the heck can I find these glorious items for my ever-expanding closet? Well my friends, I have put together an expectant style collection with the help of my friends at Mavatar. So not only do you have tons of options to shop for, you’re going to get a great discount, too!*

*See Mavatar.com for details.


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