The Quest For The Perfect Black Heel

Is it just me, or is it next to impossible to find the perfect pair of black heels?

Either they’re too low, too narrow, the platform is too high, or the toe is too pointed. There is either too much embellishment or the patent leather is too shiny. Sure, I may be picky, but if I’m going to invest in a solid pair of black heels, you better believe they need to be perfect.

Don’t believe me? Wait until you head to your favorite shoe store when you need the perfect pair of simple, elegant and any-occasion black heels. But you know I wouldn’t get you all flustered without having a solution! With the help of Mavatar and Nordstrom, you can find your perfect pair in a sinch.

If your feet are on the bigger side, avoid a very arrow pointed toe. They can elongate your foot shape even more. Instead, opt for a more almond shape as it will flatter your feet, and is a more comfortable option. Coming out of the era of platforms and round toe heels, looking for a flattering, modern shape is a great way to approach a shoe sale. If you have smaller feet, take advantage of embellishments like Valentino’s couture bows. Whatever your foot shape may be, keep in mind your width – Nordstrom does an excellent job of informing you the shopper of how the sizes run and usually offer the shoe in normal, wide or medium width. Don’t squeeze your totsies into the wrong size when you have options, ladies!

Depending on your style, you may be looking for a pointed toe, rounded toe, big bow or plain jane’s. Whatever your style is, Nordstrom has is, and Mavatar will help you find the best discount on them! Want to see what shoes I’ve selected? Shop the collection below!


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