5 Things To Do When Pregnant

Before I go into what I suggest you get, let me explain why.

If you’re pregnant, your entire being is dedicated to the growth of another. It’s exhausting. It’s beautiful. And until you have your little one in your arms, it’s not rewarding on a daily basis. I’ve been very blessed during my pregnancy and have not suffered through nausea or unbearable discomfort.

Currently, I’m at my 25 week mark. I feel pretty good, I have more energy than usual, but sometimes I still want to treat myself. And why shouldn’t I? Once Ellie comes along, she is going to be the main focus of not only my time, but my also budget.

So, over the course of your journey, I suggest you treat yourself too. Perhaps you have a different taste in a “treat” and if so, please comment and share with me! These are the top 5 things I have treated myself with, and some of them I will repeat again.

Here we go:

1. Get A Pregnancy Massage -This is something I went into detail in a past blog post. Basically, it is a great way to relieve tension and relax. The massage is performed at a medium pressure for a safe approach to providing relief.

“As well as relaxation and stress relief, the massage is an effective remedial treatment for soothing lower back pain, relieving and preventing sciatica and for soothing away any tension and knots around the neck and shoulders. It is also great to reduce swelling in the arms and legs and prevent leg cramps and varicose veins.” – CamABaby.com

You can read more about the benefits of pregnancy massage at CalmABaby.com

If you live in the Peterborough area (England) – this place looks amazing. Their website is CalmABaby.com or tweet at them via @calmababyuk

2. Buy Yourself At Least 1 SEXY Bra -Why? Because if you’re like me, your boobs have gone up a couple cup sizes. They are heavy, and you want them to be free. But, from what I’ve been told by my aunts, you’re going to be quite saggy. I’m 21! I am not having that. So, I made my way to Victoria’s Secret, measured my new cup size and checked out their clearance. I found a black lace balconette and it fits, and I like to wear it because it makes me feel pretty. It’s nice, try it.

Bonus points if it's a nursing bra and you breastfeed!

Bonus points if it’s a nursing bra and you breastfeed!

3. Treat Yourself To A Spa Pedicure – I’ve only had one other pedicure my entire life, and I wasn’t impressed AT ALL. That being said, I made my way to my favorite organic salon, Metamorphosis Salon and Spa. I’m sure you know how much I love this place by now. I set myself up an appointment, stopped at the best coffee shop in Pittsburgh, the only place that knows how to make a good chai latte in my opinion. Anyway, I was in my old neighborhood of Lawrenceville, where Metamorphosis’s newly renovated shop is open around 51st street. There was just something about the combination of sitting in a heated massage chair, getting my calves and feet massaged (and masked! Worth the extra money), and my toenails trimmed, shaped and painted (which I can’t exact reach comfortably at this time). I was there for about an hour, and left with soft feet and a great Zoya color on my nails. I’ll definitely be making another appointment next month.

Ahhh.. Can you smell the essential oils?

Ahhh.. Can’t you just smell the essential oils?

4. Invest In Comfortable Shoes – This is something that either seems really obvious, or if you’re like me, is the last thing on your radar. I actually just bought new heels from Aldo (what…? they were on sale!!). To be frank, really well-made, supportive shoes aren’t cheap. I’ve looked in many shoe stores, and my latest favorite was a find at DSW. They’re called Aerosoles, they’re not the most stylish foot accessory, but they feel amazing. I found them in the clearance section, and even with the extra discount – they’re more than $50. When you’ve invested in an entire shoe collection and can’t fit into a single pair – you become desperate. I was told by another shopper her foot went up a half inch and never went back down. Well, I’m up a half size. And after being on my feet all day, I could really use some extra comfort.


Dansko “Olivia” from the Marseille Collection in Leopard Hair Calf Leather

5. Buy A New Purse – What? A Bag? Yeah, a bag. I’m preparing to carry around a diaper bag for my essentials (minus my wallet I guess), so before my little one is here with her luggage, I want to sport a super cute bag. So, I purchased a larger sized bag (thinking practically here) and a smaller, clutch size cross-body. Both Nine West. I love Nine West. Whether your budget allows for a designer bag, or something from Target’s current collection (which is to die for), I say go for it.

I just purchased this Nine West Tunnel Mini Cross Body Bag (in tan.) from DSW.. And it was only $19.95!

I just purchased this Nine West Tunnel Mini Cross Body Bag (in tan.) from DSW.. And it was only $19.95!

I’d love to hear what other stylish mom-to-be’s are doing to keep themselves happy through their pregnancy, so please, share below!


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