For The Fellas: 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Here are 5 easy ways to take your wardrobe from high school to grad school.

  1. Get a haircut. Amidst your classes, work schedule, laundry days and xbox games, your hairstyle has been lost. Whether you prefer long or short hair, get a trim. Shape it up, cut the layers or get a fade. Do not underestimate the appeal of a good cut.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 10.37.33 PM

  1. Get yourself some wingtips or brogues. Although your favorite pair of Nikes did cost over $100, they have no place in the work environment. That is to say, your work’s dress code requires business casual at the minimum. If you work where the delightfully boring “non slip black shoes” are required, don’t skip this step. You’ll need a good pair of formal shoes (with a fun detail) to get you through internships, class presentations, job interviews, weddings and more.


  1. Invest in a well-fitted blazer (or entire suit if you can afford it!). This is such a great piece to have in your wardrobe. Worn casually or formally, it is sure to pull your look together. The difference between a blazer and a hoodie with jeans and a simple tee is pretty remarkable. I highly suggest Banana Republic; some of BR’s pocket liners double as a pocket square. As far as colors, it’s best to stay neutral. Black is always a safe bet, but gray and navy offer a fun, modern look.


  1. Fill your closet with button downs. Make sure to get a few casual short sleeves, the proper fit long sleeve, etc. You can get a variety of styles including solid colors, patterns and ombre. Whether you’re at a family event or in a work related situation, a button down instantly says “I knew I had to be here before my calendar alerted me a half hour ago!”


  1. Ditch the novelty tees. They’re so hilarious (*eye roll*) we all know. But they’re childish and immature. Right away, they make you look young and not in a no-wrinkle kind of way. Graphic tees are fun – and under a blazer, they have a really cool effect on a casual outfit. Instead of superheroes and athletic brands, try a vintage band tee or faded logo of some sort.



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