Thoughts On Style: Friday Night Report

So, I’m lighting a tropical candle, plugging in my laptop and connecting myself to my social network platforms. While I’m browsing Twitter, I come across this feature from Harper’s Bazaar.

Note: Links are included in this post. They will be underlined and appear easier when you hover.

To preface this post, I’d like to share that lately, I’ve come to the realization that I need to utilize a more chic, minimalistic approach to style. I am, and will always be, all about the bold and gold, but I want to simplify some other aspects of my wardrobe. Ever since I watched a documentary on Carine Roitfeld, I’ve fallen dramatically in love with skinny strap heels, knee-length skirts, button downs and dark, dark sunglasses.


Now that you have a better image of my fashion mindset at this point in time, let’s move on to the post entitled “The List: American Beauties.”

I think to myself: “Okay, I mean, it is the 4th of July in…a week. Perhaps they’re going from a patriotic angle?” Basically, this is a list of your most obvious ‘fashionistas’ from the US of A that HB claims “French women could learn a thing or two from.” Don’t get me wrong, I think Solange has a bad ass sense of style and some of the other women included have a pretty impressive fashion resume, but… really?

I don’t understand how talking about the most, well, talked about celebrities, equates to quintessential style tips. But these choices are hardly realistic for those of us without a $10,000 shopping budget each month. Mary Kate and Ashley don’t wear the kinds of clothes that relate to large numbers of people. Is HB saying French women should dress like they don’t care what people think? Well, after reading this article, I would say French women already don’t; except for maybe other women.

And can we talk about how STYLISTS are the reason celebrities have their “iconic” sense of style. Think of how a Director guides the vision of a movie! Give credit where credit is due. Post on this later? Perhaps.

What are your thoughts?


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