NYFW Day 2 Recap

Here we are towards the end of day two of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC and man! have we seen some work on the runway. There are some designers you will not see featured in this post (I had a ton of homework today). I only want to report on what I’ve watched through the fantastic (life/game changing) live streams.

The first show I caught today was Mark and Estel. I also caught Stella Nolasco, Jason Wu and Rebecca Minkoff.

Today’s trend spotting is slightly different than the bohemian vibe felt yesterday. Today we embraced more white lace, liquid sequins, crop tops and early-fall inspired color palettes. Fashion doesn’t follow the rules, you know.

Mark and Estel‘s collection was exceptionally low-key. Made of 100% cotton, we saw slinky maxi dresses, floppy hats, moto jackets and pilgrim-esque neck ties. The collection was perhaps the most wearable, non-risqué that we may see this fashion week.

Stella Nolasco showed us gowns and party dresses in muted pastel shades of apricot and periwinkle. There was a fair amount of white lace also. Many of the dresses featured cut outs and bare backs – back details were definitely trending on the runway today.

Jason Wu opened with earthy prints, soft white and army green (if I see ONE more person say “military chic” I will die, P.S.). The palette was fairly neutral to start, then we were met with a few orangey mauve and deep blue tones. Models were styled with sleek low ponytails, thigh slits and mules.

Rebecca Minkoff offered not only her Spring 2015 collection, but also a light show and live music. Minkoff boasted the biggest, floppiest hats on the runway. Not practical, but fun to watch float on the model’s heads. One look suck with me – a tunic paired with a below-the-knee skirt, perhaps a new trend in the making? Another day of simple beauty, this time created by Stila Cosmetics. That trend is definitely here to stay. I also saw overalls, but we won’t talk about that.

Overall, today certainly upped the ante on feminine looks. A slight bohemian vibe was felt, but it was more of a royal garden party theme than a hippie party in the woods.

Trends to consider investing in: block heels, wide brim hats, oversized floral prints (on just about anything), hazy pastels, fringed bags, ruffled blouses and skirts with high slits.. if you dare. Also, stock up on dry shampoo. The bed head look is a staple.


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