Wellness Changes & Tips To Try

Promote Wellness

In the past few months, I’ve begun to educate myself on the truth behind our big food and pharmacy on advertising, media and dietary advice. It’s amazing to me that we have poisonous pain relievers being approved for children, a government unwilling to support honest GMO labeling and expectations for college graduates to remain in low-paying jobs to be stuck in debt forever. I refuse to let these negative aspects of the world enter my home, and so I have begun to take steps to bring overall wellness into my life. Here are some simple but important things I incorporate into my daily routine.


Utilize the natural healing properties of essential oils. Whether you incorporate them into massage oils, room sprays, perfumes, bath products or cleansers, you’ll be amazed at how powerful these tools are. I love to use soothing oils such as patchouli and lavender mixed with coconut oil to give Ellie a soothing bedtime massage. I have used lemongrass on my temples and wrists during Hot Yoga which I found to be very uplifting and refreshing (despite being drenched in sweat).


Prepare dishes to enjoy throughout the week. Not only is this a great relief on your budget of time and money, it’s a great way to ensure there are lots of healthy options in your home. I made this delicious ($4 locally grown) spaghetti squash and enjoyed lunches and dinners throughout the week. Not only was this a low-carb substitute for pasta, it was a great way to get an extra serving of veggies into mine and Ellie’s day.


Writing down your goals. It’s been quoted in Forbes and proven by research that writing down your goals makes your plans seem more attainable. I tend to write things down a bit in advanced, but it always gets me excited for accomplishing something new in my future. Whether you’re starting your own business like me or just need a better handle on your week/month/year, I highly suggest picking up a planner you like and filling it with your ideas, plans and dreams.


Juicing organic produce.. yum! Not only is this a great way to supercharge your nutrient intake, but it’s also a delicious meal alternative or anytime treat. I like to mix fruits like blackberries, pears and strawberries with veggies like beets, carrots and celery for a delicious, balanced mix of vitamins and minerals. Not only are you fueling your body with simple, GMO-free ingredients, but you’re establishing healthy habits for you and your family.

What do you do to keep yourself and your family physically and emotionally healthy? What aspects of wellness do you incorporate into your daily routine? Leave an idea below!


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