Baby-Friendly Clean Eating Ideas


Making your own baby food is not only great on your budget, but is the best way to ensure your little one eats only the best. I started making my own baby food about two months ago and have tried simple foods like sweet potatoes as well as more “complicated” like cauliflower with chicken. I use the term complicated loosely because it couldn’t be easier to make your own baby food! One thing I wanted to do was maximize my time spent in the kitchen by creating meals for myself while I prepared dishes for my baby. Tuesdays are one of my days off, so yesterday I stepped into the kitchen armed with locally grown organic veggies and a mission to create baby-friendly, flavorful dishes.


I roasted butternut squash on 400 degrees F for about 35 minutes (until soft)  and a few apples for about 25 minutes. The butternut squash served as the base ingredient in one of my baby food recipes and for squash griddle cakes (for me, although still finger-food friendly). I used the apples for add-ins, applesauce and snacks.


I sautéed some yellow squash, carrots, onions and garlic for a base of another baby food recipe. I also used some of this as a side dish (could mix with whole wheat pasta as a main dish). I’ve given up table salt, so as you can see I’m making the most of healthful, flavorful pink Himalayan sea salt in this dish. I let these veggies cook down for about 25 minutes in organic sunflower oil, making sure to not let the veggies get too oily or too dry.

DIYBabyFoodHere you can see the blended squash recipe. To keep things simple, I portion my recipes into ice cube trays. This stores easy and makes even portions. My little one usually eats 2-4 cubes of food at a time.

When spending hours in the kitchen meal prepping for your little one, you can dramatically simplify your routine by making a larger batch to enjoy the recipes yourself. All of the items you see here are strictly non-gmo / organic items and cost about $6 a batch. I figured $5 because I paid ~$3 for the butternut squash, $1 for the yellow squash and bought the other ingredients in bulk (assuming anywhere from $0.25 to $1.50 per additional ingredient such as onions, dry spices, garlic, apples). For $6 I have made anywhere from 12-20 servings for my little one and 4-6 servings for myself (these will vary depending on the size of your vegetables).

How do you keep clean recipes fresh and functional for your family? Leave an idea below!


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