Western-Inspired Fashion Trends & Why They Rock

As a forecasted major theme in pre-fall wardrobes, western inspiration is sure to dominate this season with boho-chic looks being created from vintage, thrifted and consignment purchases.


Western trends have been making their appearance time and time again throughout the last half-century. Since these themes have had an on-going presence, they are likely to be found at consignment and thrift shops. This budget friendly approach to fashion is a great way to combat the mainstream attitude of “fast-fashion” which is essentially limited-time trends constructed from poor quality materials by individuals paid awful wages. Rather than load up your wardrobe with timely looks this upcoming season, why not try to incorporate the uniquely western themed trends for a boho-chic look.


Fringe is a huge aspect of western fashion. This boho-chic detail adds movement to bags, boots, jackets and dresses. Best paired with distressed denim and crisp white tees, this festival-inspired detail definitely lends itself to the fall season.


Suede typically sits in your closet waiting to make a cool-day appearance, so why not texturize your look with this velvety fabric? As with fringe, it can be found on nearly every type of accessory or apparel which makes it a must-have piece.


Turquoise adds a beautifully earthy tone to your look. As a burst of color contrast, turquoise displays well against brown, cream, taupe and beige. This lovely stone can be found everywhere; online, local gem/stone shops, craft stores/shows, etc. So not only can you make your own turquoise jewelry, but you can recycle resales of gently worn baubles, belts and buckles. These beauties are fairly easy to find at vintage and thrift stores so its easy to give past-worn turquoise a second chance at styling.

Will you be rocking these trends this fall?


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