Hello everyone and thanks for visiting my site.

This blog started as a class assignment, flourished into an internship and transformed into a part-time job.

At 22, I’m a college graduate, mother and seasoned fashion aficionado. I recently launched my social media consulting business under the umbrella title “Perry Rose Media” which is the next step in my journey as a social media user and entrepreneur. Whether you’ve stopped by for some information on PRM or are just interested in my POV of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, I big you a warm welcome and hope that you may find something special.

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  1. Sarah Sloan said:

    Hello! My name is Sarah. I am from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I was just stopping by to invite you to a fashion show we are having for some graduating designers from our school. The show will be on Friday, June 7th. We have not formally decided on a venue as of right now, but keep the date in mind! We have a great show planned and we were hoping you can make it! I will keep you posted when more information arises!

  2. Hey Alex,

    I hope all is going well with you.. Let me start by saying I enjoy your site, and please forgive the casual way I am writing this email. It is purely just to touch base with bloggers/brands/companies, and once we get involved into the campaign a bit more everything i write will be much more formal and professional. So let me tell you why I am contacting you…
    The company I work for is starting a month long fashion/fashion-hype/bring different people in the fashion industry together/social media promotion on fashion/ campaign in the next week or two, based out of New York. Being from Pittsburgh I want to have a strong Pittsburgh presence in this campaign. Now we’re still developing all the layout ideas, write-ups, and goals for this month-long summer movement we’re doing here. And once we have all that, I can/will get it to you… but long story short, we each have some companies and people who we are going to have who will be doing a lot of promotion for and with during this.. Anyway I wanted to know if you wanted to get involved and develop a good amount of promotion for you and your blog through our campaign and have a good profile that gets a lot of site traffic. There will be a lot of promotion on our sites, social media sites, and I believe a viral campaign as well most likely.
    Let me know if ya want to hear more and i’d love to send over all the information and layout once we have in assembled. .. I hope to speak with you soon.


    Bill Sullivan
    the OLOGY team

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